Who are we?

OLTO Construction

Our specialized workers in the "construction" of all kinds of small and large capacity tanks by traditional and spiral method. Together with a friendly partner (company) cooperating for many years we produce and process their components depending on the needs and purpose from different steel grades. We always choose the most optimal method for a given project to put them in place. Our priority is to adapt to the needs of our customers and meet their expectations.

The scope of our projects includes, among others: the construction of large-capacity tanks (stainless steel, storage, pressure, LNG), construction of technological pipelines, heat accumulators, refinery furnaces. We make both project and workshop documentation, according to numerous European standards.

In OLTO there is a nice collegial atmosphere. Professional approach to employees and customers who we treat as partners. We are characterized by Scandinavian working conditions, fair wages, diligence, diligence, reliability.

We use the following welding technologies in our projects:

  • 111, SMAW, coated electrode welding
  • 121, SAW, submerged arc welding
  • 135, MAG, semi-automatic welding with solid wire in active gas shield
  • 136, FCAW, semi-automatic welding with active gas shielded cored rutile wire
  • 141, TIG welding with consumable electrode under inert gas protection
  • Combination of all these methods

In addition to our main specialization, in order to comprehensively meet the needs of our business partners, OLTO Construction also employs experienced people from the following professions and specializations:

  • technical staff
  • electricians/electrical helpers
  • painters/sanders
  • scaffolders
  • welders
  • locksmiths / steel erectors
  • and many others

What do we do?

OLTO Construction participates in both simple jobs and advanced projects in various industries such as: